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Parents, Scout Adults and Scouts:

It’s that time of year to renew your membership to Troop 120 for 2019 or recharter.

What’s this mean? – We have to register each year with BSA, declaring who will be in the Troop for the next year and I need each Scout family to get with me asap.

What’s the timeline?  I need to have all payments or arrangements done, by Tuesday Nov. 13th.

What do I (parent, adult) have to do? Please be kind to let me know you are not going to rejoin, or Get with me at any of the Troop meetings or Troop Committee Meeting to get fees paid.

Fees will come out of a Scout’s account, unless paid in advance by check or other arrangements.

Pricing to renew membership:

Each Scout and 1 Adult   =     $266

Adult (18 yrs and older) with no scout  = $33.00

If  Boy’s Life Magazine      add $12      Click to see what is boys life?

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